• storm courage •

It’s funny how stoic we can become
when we are scared for someone.
I call it, ‘storm courage’,
which, I suppose, I learned
as a little one.
“Worrying won’t accomplish anything,”
I heard myself saying.
“We’ll just have to wait for news,
at this point; until then,
there’s nothing to be done.”
But you do, (worry) anyway,
but inwardly, and don’t let on.
Why do we do that?
Where does it come from?
Maybe we think if we give in to fears,
so readily, at the mere suggestion,
when disasters do come,
that we’ll lose our heads
while in the midst of one.
Or scare the kids with a suggestion,
of a negative outcome.
I’m not sure, it’s a strange phenomenon.
But it’s set in me, now,
like DNA, like a tribal rite,
like a religion,
and, so, as a matter of course,
I pass it along.
~ Tim Burchfield



• forge •

• forge •
How ably you enable.
How deeply you feel.
How keenly,
how serenely,
I drink of you:
How I am fired,
and steeled,
by you.

How I seek it
your soft furnace,
how I dream
engorged dreams
of hardening,
again and again –
of radiating
in black-bodied radiance,
in reds
and yellows and blues;
how I dream of being refined in your fires,
residing in your inner core,
heart pounding
and purified,
shiny swirling crystalline abiding sweetly,
and again,
in you.
~ Tim Burchfield


• finding the feminine •

• finding the feminine •
I was talking to the girl, sharing with her my hypothesis about a bicameral mind, whereas having an actual “split”, or dual thinking capacity, that either ‘mind’ may work, not only in conjunction with it’s ‘other’ self, but independently: and so, no reason why there can’t actually be two very different “persons”, within each and every individual human being. As I said, an hypothesis, but I allowed that my ‘other’ might be actually ‘feminine’.
Now, lets look at that word, ‘feminine’, for a second.
If feminine means, I have an intuitive, creative, and imaginative aspect, then I am feminine, to a tee.
If feminine means, I am a creative problem solver, willing to try just about anything to help my family, then I am feminine.
If feminine means, I am willing and able to endure hardship and go without sleep, in a thankless capacity, to help my friends and family, then I am feminine.
If feminine means, in fact, that I would be ready, willing and able to take a life, or give my own, to save my own children under dire circumstances, then I am definitely feminine.
If feminine means, being able to endure obstacles of every sort imaginable, and still have my dignity, then I am feminine.
The list goes on an on, all strengths, you see? The girl said all that sounded O.K. with her. Happy daddy, me!!
My masculine me, is there, as well, of course, but he’s such a puppy.
~ Tim Burchfield