• a humdinger •

You might find it ironic
for me to describe Chronic,
a story about death and dying,
as ‘a slice of life’.
In fact, throughout,
the question of ‘why?’,
and ‘why me?’,
seems pervasive,
and unanswerable,
which it is, except, for me,
‘and why not?’,
‘and why not (me)?’,
keeps rolling through my head,
Is it just me, I wonder,
or do others see this life
as an equal opportunity
or journey,
or what have you,
and that moral judgements
as to good or bad outcomes,
or of success or happiness,
and whatnot, cannot
truly be assessed
until after the final curtain falls,
so you’ll never know it yourself,
truth be told, friend,
being dead and all?
So, it’s a question for family,
and society,
and friends,
and ‘former friends’,
and what have you,
to make the call.
And honestly, who cares
what other people think, anywhoo?
So, don’t complain;
choose to be happy,
or fulfilled, or engaged,
or grateful, or enthralled,
or stoic, or philosophical,
or selfless, or starry-eyed,
or evangelical, or ‘evolved’ –
just between we two,
it’s up to you –
whatever floats your boat.
It’s a one way ride,
and frequently fabulous.
Enjoy the view.
Oh, and on a final note,
the movie (with Tim Roth),
is a humdinger, too.
~ Tim Burchfield



• it’s just nine the phone rings •

• it’s just nine the phone rings •
it’s the boy, he’s forgot his book
by his bedside can i bring it to’m
bone it’s called it opens to what
looks to be a map of middle Earth

walking it over to his school
it’s cool and shiny puddles reflect
the birds burble and brightening
in subdued quadraphonic apoplexy

rounding the corner there’s the door
signing in the happy grinning matron
the office where i spent my time
in two shakes i am out again

back ’round the corner drummers
military beat the marching band
trumpets and trombones twittle midrange the tune which ‘comes

familiar to the ear my steps match
the grin comes the words rise up
• get back • get back • get back
to where you once belong’ •

~ Tim Burchfield