• hair spray •

“They say, ‘Don’t use hair spray,
it’s bad for the ozone.’
So I’m sitting in this
concealed (sic) apartment,
this concealed (sic) unit…
It’s sealed, it’s beautiful.
I don’t think anything gets out.
And I’m not supposed to be
using hair spray?”
Is it true, can it be?
That this,
coiffed kumquat,
this preening peacock,
this ham-handed,
hairdooed harlequin,
has, somehow,
been put in charge,
of the
… Presidency? Please.
Somebody ‘wake me.
~ Tim Burchfield


• difficult to digest •

Well, I think a new word has made it’s way into the history books, if not, for the immediate future, at least, the dictionary: Trumpian. I heard for the first time, this morning on the BBC.
Just trying it on, for the first time, it seems to have been applied to universal shock, but may serve just as well, for dismay. Then, there’s, ‘terms’, ‘regard’ (or, its immediate opposite), ‘showmanship’, and, of course, ‘unpredictability’ – then, ‘foreign policy’, ‘promises’, ‘expectations’, possibly, ‘outreach’, even ‘healing’, and eventually, ‘legacy’. Oh, and, of course, ‘presidency’. (Not the likes of, ‘women’s rights rollbacks’, ‘institutional racism’, ‘violence’, ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, ‘intolerance’, or ‘misogyny’, hopefully. We shall see, who can say.) I puzzle over, ‘chicanery’. (The truth is, what the truth is, we may never know.)
Just for the moment, at least for my purposes, please allow me to be the first to pair it with, ‘dyspepsia’ (difficult to digest), as it seems to be, for a significant number, the refrain of the day.
~ Tim Burchfield