• letting go wishing well •

• letting go wishing well •
Times, that are good, for me
have always been wedged between awful happenings, it seems.
Always, somewhere in the world
have been goings on of terrible things.
And still, express good came to me
that intrigued and enlivened
my innate curiosity
and set me free.
There never were ‘the good old days’,
there were just days,
that happened to contain the events of my young life
that made all the difference for me.
Even now, my gratitude for the kindness of a few friends, in time – my time –
encompasses me.

At first, it felt terrible to let go of something I’ve loved for so long, and so well, but I find, the more I breathe through it, the better I feel.

Funny, but for me, love is not so much about ‘holding on’, but more so of letting go and wishing well.
~ Tim Burchfield