• pugly point of view •

Humans are clumsy beasts.
They say they won’t step on you.
They’ll even make a big fuss about it,
when you get up (just in case),
to move out of their way, with,
“Hey, I wasn’t gonna step on ya,
little fella, wha’d ya think,
I was gonna step on ya?
I wouldn’t do that, not to you.”
They say they won’t step on you,
and, more often than not,
they don’t even mean to,
but then,
every once in a blue moon,
out of the blue, they do.
~ Trevor the Dog (aka: ‘Tim Burchfield’)



• ninety in the shade •

• ninety in the shade •
I’ll do hot and bothered for you,
all the live-long day,
but as to hot and sticky —
(You know I love you, darling, but,
fond as I am – )
Bubzoid, step away.
~ Tim Burchfield