• storm courage •

It’s funny how stoic we can become
when we are scared for someone.
I call it, ‘storm courage’,
which, I suppose, I learned
as a little one.
“Worrying won’t accomplish anything,”
I heard myself saying.
“We’ll just have to wait for news,
at this point; until then,
there’s nothing to be done.”
But you do, (worry) anyway,
but inwardly, and don’t let on.
Why do we do that?
Where does it come from?
Maybe we think if we give in to fears,
so readily, at the mere suggestion,
when disasters do come,
that we’ll lose our heads
while in the midst of one.
Or scare the kids with a suggestion,
of a negative outcome.
I’m not sure, it’s a strange phenomenon.
But it’s set in me, now,
like DNA, like a tribal rite,
like a religion,
and, so, as a matter of course,
I pass it along.
~ Tim Burchfield



• a humdinger •

You might find it ironic
for me to describe Chronic,
a story about death and dying,
as ‘a slice of life’.
In fact, throughout,
the question of ‘why?’,
and ‘why me?’,
seems pervasive,
and unanswerable,
which it is, except, for me,
‘and why not?’,
‘and why not (me)?’,
keeps rolling through my head,
Is it just me, I wonder,
or do others see this life
as an equal opportunity
or journey,
or what have you,
and that moral judgements
as to good or bad outcomes,
or of success or happiness,
and whatnot, cannot
truly be assessed
until after the final curtain falls,
so you’ll never know it yourself,
truth be told, friend,
being dead and all?
So, it’s a question for family,
and society,
and friends,
and ‘former friends’,
and what have you,
to make the call.
And honestly, who cares
what other people think, anywhoo?
So, don’t complain;
choose to be happy,
or fulfilled, or engaged,
or grateful, or enthralled,
or stoic, or philosophical,
or selfless, or starry-eyed,
or evangelical, or ‘evolved’ –
just between we two,
it’s up to you –
whatever floats your boat.
It’s a one way ride,
and frequently fabulous.
Enjoy the view.
Oh, and on a final note,
the movie (with Tim Roth),
is a humdinger, too.
~ Tim Burchfield


• so much for vanity •

I remember when I first moved to ‘upstate’, New York, when dressing in ‘layers’, for winter, seemed abhorrent to me: “Oh, no, that might make me look, ‘puffy’!” Oy.
Nowadays, it’s Mr. Michelin Man, all the way. (Or, ‘Sir Bibendum’**, as he was originally known, if you prefer: I know what I look like, underneath.)
So what, if ‘suspenders’ are the only thing keeping my pants from falling to my feet?
It was nineteen degrees (F) out there two nights ago. ‘As long as I’m warm,’ says this South Texas boy, ‘so much the better for me.’ And so it goes.
So much for vanity.
~ Tim Burchfield
**((Bibendum, commonly referred to in English as the Michelin Man, is the symbol of the Michelin tire company. The slogan ‘Nunc est bibendum’ (‘Drink up’) is taken from Horace’s Odes (book I, ode xxxvii, line 1). He is also referred to as Bib or Bibelobis.))


• pugly point of view •

Humans are clumsy beasts.
They say they won’t step on you.
They’ll even make a big fuss about it,
when you get up (just in case),
to move out of their way, with,
“Hey, I wasn’t gonna step on ya,
little fella, wha’d ya think,
I was gonna step on ya?
I wouldn’t do that, not to you.”
They say they won’t step on you,
and, more often than not,
they don’t even mean to,
but then,
every once in a blue moon,
out of the blue, they do.
~ Trevor the Dog (aka: ‘Tim Burchfield’)


• being alive •

• being alive •
I went crazy,
mixing my metaphors,
and what a mess I’ve made.
Oh, the decadence,
Oh, the humanity.
Still, I’m full,
with satisfaction,
and gratitude,
to capacity.
if it doesn’t smell good in here!
Some things are worth breaking.
There’s that, too.
Isn’t being alive,
just, something!!?
~ Tim Burchfield


• a dyspeptic ‘luv-pome’ (that doesn’t scan) •

• a dyspeptic ‘luv-pome’
(that doesn’t scan) •
“Thinking that your Love, or lover,
Is all ‘goodness’ (and ‘light’?):
Surely, that’s Love, isn’t it?
Shouldn’t we defend it?

For my part, despite the Law,
Of ‘unforeseen consequences’,
I can’t help it.
I think you’re swell.

No, not a ‘magical creature’,
Unless farting counts, as sublime.
I’ve seen (and ‘smelt’) too much, for that.

But, as humans go, pretty great…
A heart as big as Wisconsin,
A soul to beat Sousa’s band!
…Just an ‘old fart’s’ opinion…”
~ Tim Burchfield


• amaze and wonder •

• amaze and wonder •

“We wear our history
like a second skin,
We’ve no desire to ‘begin again’.
We’re not ashamed
of ‘where we’re at’,
And won’t invest
in ‘tit for tat’.
We’re never ‘bored’,
how could we be,
While there’s ‘amaze’,
and ‘wonder’,
and ‘discovery’!”

~ Tim Burchfield