• in remembrance •

I just read that Paul Pines has died. Poet, novelist, Jazz and movie enthusiast, professor, husband, father, counselor: a man who had such a lasting and positive influence on me. I am sad at this news, so very, but I smile at the remembrance of him.

I have been reviewing, in my mind, many of our captivating and inspiring conversations we had over the several years he counseled me with wit, and humor, sage advice, and creative encouragement. Always with the genuine greeting, always with the infectious smile, Paul Pines was a kind man. And a one of a kind, most definitely. So informed on a dizzying number of subjects, and so damned funny, when he wanted to be. A generous man. He was extraordinary.

One of the things Paul taught me, seriously, was how to cherish your craft, and the importance of nurturing your art, and to, “Care for it, like you would your very child. Raise it up right, make a space for it. Be dedicated. Defend and honor it. Work it. Yes, and love it, too.”

And this has made all the difference in me, as human being, as an artist and as a parent. Too, importantly, he taught me it’s okay to love myself, similarly. His influence affected a great change in me. I am grateful, for this, even to today. I guess it’s safe to say, I always will be.

So long, Paul. I was lucky to know you. I will carry you with me. I shall cherish our time.

~ Tim Burchfield



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