• speaking of supreme court noms •

Speaking of Supreme Court nominations, I read once that former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. once famously said that he tended to be tolerant of what he saw as ill-founded ideas of every sort because, as he put it, “People are entitled to their ridiculous notions.”

I disagree. By giving ground to this premise, or by giving it any credence at all, we are giving away the whole socio-political show, which goes some way in explaining how we find ourselves in the precarious situation we are in now, not just in this nation, which we hold so dear, friends, but the whole world over. This false claim has done more damage than any one thing I can think of, is dug in like a tick, and like any disease or thoroughly ensconced abnormal condition this endemic, it has got to go. We can do ourselves a big favor by eschewing it altogether: give it the bum’s rush, right out to the curb, where the rest of the trash should go. (In the proper container of course, marked ‘hazardous material’.)

I think we may do ourselves a whole lot of good by doing one simple thing: stop saying, “You are entitled to your opinion, that’s your right.” Because it’s not true. Just that, friends. And see where it takes you.

~ Tim Burchfield



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