• the great thing about a.d.d. •

The great thing about having ADD

(I don’t know if you can ‘relate’),

is that it makes it so easy

to ‘free associate’.

In fact,

we who fly from interest to interest,

may enjoy just as much,

a ‘nothing day’,

as one that delivers

a compelling quest.

It’s something like a ‘reverie’,

with just a smidge

of ‘free floating anxiety’.

Some people like to put it in long pants

and call it ‘creativity’,

but I just call it

‘thinking like a tree’,

as we have no particular agenda,

at present, and rarely do,

except, perhaps, to simply ‘be’.

At such times

I can be

just as content to be led

by the interest of someone else,

as one does, say,

when participating

in a meandering conversation

with a small child,

about ‘thumb theory’.

(You’ll be surprised to find out

why we have them, thumbs,

these appendages, in opposition,

and you may learn something

you could never have

in a million years

come up with on your own.

Alright, I’ll spill the beans:

It’s to do with “jelly-tasting,”

when you’ve poked it through your p.b.&j,

and for “pointing behind you,”

according to Sam Wainwright,

age 3.)

Well, I’m off.

Off for a wander,

or, as they say ‘down under’,

a bit of a ‘walkabout’.

(I can already feel the freshly scented post-rainstorm air, breezing through my naturally tangled hair.)

Let’s see where it takes me.

~ Tim Burchfield



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