• love as a weapon •

Technically, Ms. Conway told a truth, when she declared that the present administration is not using children as leverage to enforce the zero tolerance immigration policy (will wonders never cease), because the present administration is actually using love as a psychological weapon, the love parents hold for their children.

It’s nothing new. Nothing this administration does, ever is. But borrow, they do, and from which playbook? Guess.

During the Pacific campaign of WWll, captured Allied pilots were made to kneel before their captors for summary executions (by decapitation, with a sword), and how was this accomplished? By holding a pistol to the head of their compatriots. The love they held for their mates was all it took. I’d have knelt, too. Love, as a weapon? Fucking genius. The genius of the insane and unscrupulous.

This, too, will not stand. Not in my country. Not if I have anything to do with it.

~ Tim Burchfield



2 thoughts on “• love as a weapon •

  1. I’m glad I turned off the TV when I saw her face. If I’d heard her say that my head might have exploded. This kind of love is why blackmail works. So they are using blackmail. Good writing, Tim.

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