• strange epithets •

Once you’ve shouted,

“You had ONE JOB to do, people!!”

I know it’s hard,

really hard,

not to shout, “ONE!”

One more time.

You know, for effect.

And, when you try not to say it?

You know?

When you try to hold it back,

the pain!! Right?

In the neck, Right?!! The neck!!!??

I have found, it helps,

now, this is just me,

to find a ‘private moment’, somewhere,

off by myself,

where I can shut my eyes,

clench my fists,

and shiver, for a minute (or three);

and well,

I have been known,

in the long ago past,

after extreme exposure, mind you,

to have hallucinations,

and claw at the air,

and whisper (as far as anyone can make out,

something about,

“Offspring! Offspring!!”)

‘strange epithets’.

But, hey, that’s okay,

take one for the team, I say.

After all, they’re only kids.

~ Tim Burchfield



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