• a lucrative little side business •

Maybe someday (somebody can be) President for life! (*wink*) Just joking. I meant to say, if we’re ‘lucky’.

Given our proclivity for political ‘legacy’ in generations past, I shouldn’t be surprised that a Trump might, someday, become President for Life. (No, that’s what they’ll call it, alright.)

I can just picture it…not the President bit (I’m still in denial, about our ‘present condition’), but the rest of it, yes, and why not? See it through the eyes of a ‘visionary’: (Not me, but, who else? President Trump, silly!).

“Okay, fellas, see if you can wrap your minds around this. Genius coming through. Picture it. Big announcement, right? All over the globe: “Trump Moon Industries and Trump Moon Resorts present, the ONE, the MOON-ly, get it? …

Kay Bella Luna Exclusive Retirement Community! Where successful billionaires, like me, and their girlfriends, of course, can enjoy the best, bar none, of EVERYTHING, at one-eighth of Earth’s gravity…is it one-sixth? I don’t think so. Is it? Okay, you’re fired, thanks. Where was I? Oh, yeah, one-eighth Earth’s gravity!”

Can you imagine that ‘tee-off’? You could ‘knock’ a golf ball (btw, that’s the official term, now, ‘knock’ a golf ball) about a hundred miles!”**

Oh! The moon! The Big Lazer (sic) Show! Get this, fellas, ‘cause this is the pizza day resistance (sic): it’s all done with satellites, and it’s a big laser show, in tribute, to me, and it’s going to be the first use of the moon, I mean, Trump Moon Resorts, we have to get used to saying that…as a LUNAR T.V., through the marvels of modern technology! We could run commercials, twenty four seven, using the moon, like a big T.V., for the whole Earth to see! I’m talkin’, BIGLY, baby! BIGLY!!”

** Coincidentally, one moon inhabitant’s entry, in a dairy that came to us from the future, ‘due to an untimely transporter accident’ (sic) reads, “You might not believe this, but I am still finding thousands of golf balls in the regolith, from those Trump Resort bastards, and it’s wrecking my equipment! That was a hundred clicks from here, and five hundred years ago! That’s a lot of ball-knockin’! I’ve been thinking, if I collect, and sell, all ‘those golf balls, on E-Bay, I could have a lucrative little side business for myself.”

~ Tim Burchfield



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