• number one •

Dear President Trump
(or, if you prefer,
‘Your Accidency’),
for the sake of clarity,
in our ‘new and improved’,
Great Society,
is, “taking care of number one”,
listed, under ‘t’, or ‘p’?
~ Tim Burchfield



• here in me •

Like a mantra,
it runs through my mind,
‘Polk. Jackson. Reagan. Bush.
Pomp and brutality.’
Which is no help at all.
And then, a voice of reason,
which said, “Not in my house,”
and I thought that was quite right.
“Exactly,” I said, reverentially.
“It doesn’t have to be that way,
not here, in me.”
~ Tim Burchfield


• bird •

Just around by the azalea,
down past the crusty old honeysuckle,
a mourning dove is ensconced, quietly, looking,
on the ferrous covering
of the backyard fire pit:
downy lazing fluffery upon an iron grid;
crissed talons lanking
over the banking,
rusting placement,
her humble battlement;
sharp eyes gleam quietly, softly,
relaxed, and yet, quirkily,
looking for the cat.
~ Tim Burchfield