• evel extravaganza •

Synopsis: An ambitious daredevil makes a deal with the devil, so that he may become the greatest geo-politician in the world: his greatest stunt, to attempt, on a motorcycle, to jump over Donald Drumph’s hair. (He wants, at first, to attempt a leap over Donald Drumph’s ego, but, even at the feasibility phase of the project, unsurprisingly, that enterprise proves impossible.)
The devil gets his due, in a surprising twist, involving Donald’s new wife, Evelvira, and the Caliphate. It’s an all-singing, all dancing, beeping, flashing, soaring – and, needless to say, leaping – extravaganza.
(Virgins will be sacrificed, or their reasonable facsimiles, as, in Las Vegas, at least, none could be found.)
It’s proposed ‘working title’: Something Knievel This Way Comes…
Yes? No? Maybe? Comments not necessarily necessary. Send money.
~ Tim Burchfield



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