• vividly expressed deeply felt •

Vividly expressed, deeply felt,
night invades our sleeplessness.
We wander
within our sanctuaries.
We step, and count,
and count our steps,
all through the lonely night,
within our little boundaries.

Our hearts beat
within our chest,
sipping a tippler’s sip –
‘off’ the wagon’,
as it were,
once again –
of melancholies.)

It is a thing,
both beautiful, and elegant,
and, also –
ticking off our dreams,
and schemes, and, too,
or so it seems,
of passing time’s,
‘tocking’ –

Cool clay tiles,
beneath our feet,
our desperate radiance,
impassively, absorbing:
our thoughts amassing:
our hot hearts,
within us,
beating –
their rhythmic knockings,

Then, bit by bit,
it shares it –
what it knows of us,
with the cosmos,
this distillation,
this subsequence,
of life,
of love’s cavorting.

~ Tim Burchfield



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