• remembering •

• remembering •
I was just lying here, quietly,
when I realized,
I’ve known the extraordinary pleasure of friends,
singing my praises,
and dancing around me,
under the starry sky,
at my own ‘wake’.
I have known a St. Bernard,
called Maynard, who liked me,
because he liked everybody,
and that was okay with me.
I have had the pleasure
of being asked, once
upon a parking lot,
if I was Mad Dog,
and saying, “No, and you?”
I have seen babies born,
before my very eyes,
two of them, my very own.
I have seen you
on your “little island”,
as you practiced your prepositions.
I have surfed closeouts,
at Boca de Pasquales, with you.
I have been drunk
with a dog called,
‘Toe Muncher’.
Yes, ‘Toe Muncher’.
I have laughed so well.
I ‘cracked the sky’, one time,
for laughing,
with laughing,
by laughing,
that one time,
I’m pretty sure.
That time, I was with you,
and you,
and you.
I am the happiest of men,
from sheer remembering,
just now.
I treasure
the simple pleasure
of remembering you, friends:
dear, dear friends,
of remembering you.
~ Tim Burchfield



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