• a dyspeptic ‘luv-pome’ (that doesn’t scan) •

• a dyspeptic ‘luv-pome’
(that doesn’t scan) •
“Thinking that your Love, or lover,
Is all ‘goodness’ (and ‘light’?):
Surely, that’s Love, isn’t it?
Shouldn’t we defend it?

For my part, despite the Law,
Of ‘unforeseen consequences’,
I can’t help it.
I think you’re swell.

No, not a ‘magical creature’,
Unless farting counts, as sublime.
I’ve seen (and ‘smelt’) too much, for that.

But, as humans go, pretty great…
A heart as big as Wisconsin,
A soul to beat Sousa’s band!
…Just an ‘old fart’s’ opinion…”
~ Tim Burchfield



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