• a puppy’s delight •

• a puppy’s delight •
On the way to the school
where I meet the boy,
and on our way home,
there’s a place
where the new grass is rich and full,
where the ‘puppies’ love to ‘stop –
and roll’.

Of course, it’s no good asking,
‘What’s so good?’

As they are lolling,
all happiness,
with my fingers,
I dig into the humus,
and sample the root system,
for ‘smells’.

I hold my hand to my nose,
and SNIFF!!
My senses, all delight.
Lemon, grass, and something else.
I am sorry, for a moment,
that I lack a dog’s sense of smell.

A fragrant bouquet, almost a meal!
What ‘worlds’, under our feet, abide?
Sweet, unknowable abandon.
A puppy’s delight.

~ Tim Burchfield



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