•i won’t be bullied•

• i won’t be bullied •
I won’t be bullied. Not by a relative. Not by an acquaintance. Not by a dear friend. Neither by a political advocate, a preacher, teacher, guru, llama, local luminary, nor one with which one has no choice, but with which, to contend. Neither with, and especially, and again, this: a friend. “Even, after all this time,” I wonder. I just look at ’em, thinking, “Aren’t we past that, yet? Goodness. Get over yourself.” I have to say, if the only relationship imaginable, here, is a dysfunctional one, I don’t care who you think you are – ‘buddy’, ‘childhood acquaintance’, ‘cousin’, ‘chum’, ‘paisan’, ‘bro’, ‘amigo mio’, or what you will – we’re done, and that’s the end of it. Maybe, I’m just getting too old, to bend. Nope, I don’t think so. I know me. It’s just this: I like myself too well, after all this time, effort, and investment, at understanding my quality, integrity, and inherent goodness, anymore, by anyone, to be shat upon. Now, if I paid good money for it, that’d be different. Happily, for me, it just so happens (that), I’m not into that.
~ Tim Burchfield



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