• bullies •

• bullies •
When it comes to bullies, (and mysogynists) I generally, kindly, gently, persistently, meticulously, and with loving affection, pull apart their logical fallacies, presumption, and façade compensatory, holding up, as it were, a mirror to Snape-ture. As if to say, dear, dear former friend, “Don’t go away ranting, and tearing you hair, and gouging your eyes out, just go away. I wish you the best of mental health. In other words, get well – real soon. Love you, bro, but over there. Waaaaay, over there.”
I can’t abide an abuser. There is no excuse for abuse. As we say, down Texas way, “I Refugio.” I don’t have to condone bullying with ‘all due respect’, because no respect is actually due. I don’t have to put up with it. Nobody should have to.
~ Tim Burchfield



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