• king of concoctions •

• king of concoctions •
I am the king of concoctions,
The Cool Hand Luke of Leftovers.
The Penn and Teller of the pantry.
The Paladin of improvisation gustatory,
It’s really no mystery to unravel:
“Have Run (of the kitchen),
Will Dabble”.
I’m the guy in the old wagon-train movies,
Most likely, called, “Cookie”,
Or “Reverend Feeder”, or just “Sir”.
I’d have been the innovator of “Beans Le Creme” and “Hush Puppies La O’Range”, or “Ribs Foundoo”, or “Mystery Stir”.
Good eatin’.
What’s my secret?
Oh, many different things:
Garlic powder and bacon grease,
Crusty old bread, or crumbs, even.
Peanut butter.
Bananas, betimes.
Miracle Whip, though I prefer Mayo:
(It’s a bit of a snob thing, that, I’ll admit.) Let’s see…
(Opening the refrigerator,
And staring in, until it goes, ‘beep’:
For me, it’s like praying,
Kind of a Zen thing: what else…)
Adobo. Garlic salt.
Bell peppers.
Hot Sauce.
Did I mention garlic? A must.
Corn meal.
Canned anything, pretty much.
‘Taters. Even ‘Tater Tots.
Sliced honey ham, or Turkey Ham,
Whatever that is…
Oh, honestly, it could be anything.
But the one thing I must have:
Spike Salt Free Seasoning.
~ Tim Burchfield



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