• a play •

• a play •
A foggy dawn:
To assemble for a play,
Say, a Hamlet, makes a lot of sense:
Mysterious assemblages, Questionable spirits,
Devotions, obligations, obloquy,
Revenge, religion, and death.
Intrigues, pretensions,
Pernicious involvements,
Guilt-ridden, false moms, in denial,
Grudging Danes,
Smarmy kings:
False loves, lost hopes,
Players, speaking the speeches,
(As it were, trippingly, upon the tongue),
Feigned insanity–a bloated court toady,
Really bad advice,
A blowhard, a dad:
Misled, lost loves,
Unrequited affections,
Spying, verbal volleyballs,
Stupid sayings,
Royal pronouncements,
Friends from out of town,
Mothers laid low,
An Polonius, skewered,
A body well-hid, a girlfriend drowned,
A pissed-off, shoulda’-been brother-in-law,
A king’s leading him by the nose,
A, too late, repentant mom,
A poisonous showdown,
A rapier, a dagger, or two, or three,
A noxious drink,
A surprised uncle, a blood letting.
A pile of bodies, a reckoning,
A catharsis, an epiphany,
An ending,
A release.
An audience, blinking, spilling onto the grass,
A rounding up of kids,
A head count, a sigh of relief,
A laugh.
A golden afternoon,
A Welcoming,
A Life-affirming:
A gift.

A perfect day, at the Theatre,
Well spent.
It would be a mistake to consider art, without (considering) environment.
~ Tim Burchfield



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