•persistencia de la memoria (persistence of memory)•

• persistencia de la memoria
(persistence of memory) •

“If ‘time’…really…goes…
Only, ‘one direction’, and flows,
Like water, through the fingers,
And is gone, forever,
(some say it’s ‘a fourth dimension’)
about that, I dunno,
but, then,
If that’s so,
Then, what is it, this,
Whatever it is?
What can it be,
With this business…of…
This, what’s so real, to me —
Day by day, this…stuff, you know,
Esto, la persistencia de la memoria:
(This, ‘Persistence of Memory’)?
The ‘crystal moment…in ‘time’, in me,
That lasts forever, indelibly?
Like when, Amá mío,
We stop at that place,
Where we always do,
On the way home from Nana’s,
For some gas, and food.
All at once, together, all of us,
We jump out of the car,
And bustle to el baño,
“Me first!” “No, no, me!”
When we can, “¡Gracias a Dios!” Finally, finally, you know, take a pee!
The ‘tink!…tink!..tink!’,
Of the engine, inside the car.
The window, it rattles, with,
The ‘slam’ of the door. Ohhh!
How it ‘burns’ down the throat,
That first swig of Coke, ooooh!
The nasal savor, the ‘brain freeze’,
And then, my ‘inner stuntman’s’
Craving for more!
Amá, at first, smiling, grinning, at us,
“Ok, we’re burnin’ daylight, kiddos!
It’s…time…to gooooo!”
Then, she, of a sudden aflame,
‘turning’, to shout,
In Spanish, ‘imperativos’, at us:
we, still dancing about.
“!A ver!! ¡Hazlo ahora! ¡Oírme!
¡Ya vamos! ¡Ya, niños!!
¡Oye! !Ahora mismo,
si quieres vivir otra hora!
¡Escúchame, chingados!
¡Pinche idiotas!
¡Dios mío, dame fuerzas!”

~Tim Burchfield



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