• gestures •

• gestures •

Mrs. Queebee’s daughter
gave me a ride home,
When I got lost, when I was six.
She drove me home
In a yellow Volkswagen,
The sound, of which, as it drove away,
It was the sound of gratitude,
I shall never forget.

Daniel let me ‘hang out’, at the lot.
Rick forgave my hundred dollar debt.
Iva let me park, in her spot.
Coach Robison taught me to drive,
And to love my kids, above all else.
Douglas taught me to laugh.
Erin, to give and to give and to give.
Diane: how to let go,
And keep the good.

Karin, that love is O. K.
Skip, of listening.
Pepper, of books,
And the love of reading.
Ryan introduced me to play,
The gift of gifts.

Ultimately, it’s the gestures
Of affection,
That last.
~ Tim Burchfield



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