• love at the other end •

• love at the other end •
Snowed again, last night. Wonder if it’s planning on doing that again anytime soon. Hello?!! We’ve got kites to fly, and earthworms to dig…they’re hermaphrodites, you know… the earthworms, that is…in case you were wondering… about flying hermaphrodites, though I suppose they do… beat’s walkin’, I suppose… although crawlin’ through the dirt is okay, too, for all I know.
Did you hear the one, about the nightcrawler who fell madly in love, but it turned out ‘she’ was only his other end… and THAT was okay with him? (Men.) Typical.
Drove by the lake, circumspective. Largely still covered in ice, with, near to shore, clear patches. Oh, how I want to plunk a worm! They must be hungry by now, the fishes.
Oh, okay, I suppose, if I MUST grow up… I’m OFF TO WORK! Be good, if you must, though I won’t hold you to it. Shalom, from the Flying Night-crawlers Squadron, making life safe for Democracy, I suppose.
~ Tim Burchfield



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