• ninja dude •

• ninja dude •
Not that I’m making fun of him, but, it seems, the boy cannot comfortably fall asleep without a sword, or his Buck folding knife, at the very least, within arms reach. I’ve discussed it with him. Fear of home invasion? Nope. Is it conceivable, I speculate, that he imagines (due to the influences of such as Sarah Vowell), that, at a moment’s notice, the “Commies” may be parachuting in? No, not really, he says, and who’s Sarah Vowell? (What?!! Just the sexiest mind who has ever given voice to a Pixar pic… Oh, how I’ve failed him.) Still. One can’t be too careful, I suppose, when you’re twelve-and-a-half. No, it turns out, it’s just a high-carbon, surgical steel, razor-edged “pacifier”. A ninja’s teddy bear. Never had the slightest inclination that he might have to use it. Far be it from him.That would be “totally rude”. Yeah. Of course, it would (be). What was I thinking? So. “Nevermind…just curious.” Heh.
Actually, I am sympathetic, to his need. I quite understand. Was a time, not so long ago, when my “first language” (English) proved so daunting, and inexplicable, I couldn’t relax without a thesaurus and an unabridged dictionary close to hand. Ninja, dude. I get ‘cha. Totally.
~ Tim Burchfield



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