• disgruntled dyslexic persons •

• disgruntled dyslexic persons •
Last week, the BBC reported that the “British CIA” (Secret Intelligence Service or SIS, aka MI6) is accepting applications from “persons with dyslexia”, for consideration as ‘code breakers’, due to their uniquely intuitive ability “to see patterns in complex codes using letters or numbers, or of letters and numbers in combination” — with the single caveat that “applicants must apply ‘in person’, at their district offices,” utilizing driving directions easily attainable under the auspices of Google Maps.
Bit of a sticky wicket, here: it seems, quite inexplicably, that in the weeks subsequent to the general announcement, according to a spokesperson, known only as “Zed”, “Not a single applicant has turned up to apply for the job”. (Oh, bother.)
Being rather ‘special’ myself, dyslexically, I can so easily discern the trouble, which is as plain to me as the nose on the face of Pete Postlethwaite. Dollars to doughnuts, the fly in the creme brûlée stems from Google Maps’ so-called, “simple driving directions”.
Heavens Above! Even the inestimable Alan Turing could not have made the slightest sense of these. Meanwhile —
In an unrelated side story, the BBC has reported that, according to eyewitnesses, “Gaggles of disgruntled Dyslexic Persons,” (have been sighted) “wandering about, in fits and starts, in their hundreds, slap bang by the foot of Beinn Griam Mor!!” (in Sutherland, Scotland, in the general vicinity of The Garvault, Britain’s most isolated hotel).
~ Tim Burchfield



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