• bins •

• bins •
Why, oh why, does the boy keep putting his underwear in the trash? It’s not like he can mistake it for the hamper, which is square, while the trash can is ’round’. Close proximity notwithstanding, how can this be, and repeatedly? He claims no knowledge of these events. Okay, he’s thirteen, which is a tough age, but honestly. Trash can…dirty clothes hamper…they don’t even sound the same.
Ah. Maybe a mnemonic phrase will do the trick. The hamper is square-ish, a box, basically, so:
“Boxers in the box. Trash in the can.” That might just work. Maybe. Or maybe, subconsciously, he is really a “brief” man. Hm…
Parenting, as with ‘kid-hood’, is so complicated. So many bins, so many choices.
~ Tim Burchfield



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