• love my body •

• love my body •
Love my body? Well. Somebody’s got to, I suppose, and why not? I read this question this morning, about women loving their own body, and I could really relate to their stories, it was very moving, and informative. Still, being a man, what should that matter, we all have to deal with “imperfection”, not to mention this business of aging, and what’s with the hair growing out the ears, for cripes’ sake, what could possibly be it’s function!? So, good question. About the body, I mean, and loving it. Not always easy. Looking in the mirror, I notice that I try not to turn sideways, love that steam after a shower, God’s photoshop. Now, honestly, it’s no biggie, and you know? I wouldn’t want to go back, even if I could. I like myself, now, bumps, and blemishes, and all, better than I ever did, really, even though I seem to be slowly de-evolving into some semi-aquatic mammal — not a hippo, exactly, more like a paunchy monkey-otter, sans tail. I am at the point where I just laugh at myself, and yet, love, love LOVE, the ‘me’ inside, who I couldn’t love without my body. So I love my body by way of gratitude for all that it does for me, by way of providing opportunities for me to live, and love, and to learn, and to be expressive of all the joy I enjoy, even through the sad times. Love my body? Why, yes, we are old friends, my good buddy body. (Sometimes, I even pat myself on the head, and give it a good rub, like I do with my puppies, and you know? It feels good! Now, that’s the kind of external validation that really does some good, I recommend it highly – when you’re all alone, otherwise, the “looks” you get, oy!)
~ Tim Burchfield



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