• grapevine gossip •

• grapevine gossip •
With an arbor less than three yards from my window,
Overgrown with (the) grapes,
(of last summer’s plenty),
What a privilege it is
To find a preponderance of birds,
Feasting at my table.
And, they don’t just eat their fill,
But hang out, and converse,
Being high up, and safe, and full,
I guess, to catch up on the latest gossip.
“Oooooh, that’s a lanky cat,
The grey one.”
“Oh, yes, oh YESSSS!!
Recently arrived from the CITAAAY…”
“Oooooooh, yeeeeessssss??”
“Oooooooh, yeeeesssss???”
Bless his heart…”
“Long list.”
“Oooooohhh yeah!! Loooonngg!”
“List….long, of worries…”
“Ohhhh!! Yes??”
“Oh, yes, yeeeessss…”
“Just come to town…every time the same thing.”
“Grey cat…he must listen to his momma’ loooong list, before he can go home…or eat!”
“Yessss….yessss, indeeed!!”
“Poor grey cat!”
“Not really…”
“Oh, yes…see what you mean.”
(Well, maybe not a privilege. Maybe, more of an “opportunity”.
Luckily, I could happily listen to bird gossip all day long.)
~ Tim Burchfield



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