• cried the dissenters •

• cried the dissenters •
Threw away several
small items
from the basement yesterday.
Hoarders were horrified.
Clothes were rent,
as was the air.
Ashes were rubbed
into tear-streaked faces.
Disbelief that we no longer have
what may yet,
someday prove useful.
Those gordian knots
of Christmas lights.
Those boxes
of empty boxes,
those (moldy) Easter baskets!
The busted sunglasses!
“Say it isn’t so!!,”
cried the dissenters.
“Not the reams of perforated
computer paper!
Oh, no!!,
not the old Mac Pluses
and their connectors!
Not, oh, not!!,
the dot-matrix printers!!”
~ Tim Burchfield



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