• black and white and grey •

• black and white and grey •
All the proof that one will ever need that George W is a class “A” delusional sociopath, is that he had the gaul to show his face in New Orleans on the ten year anniversary of hurricane Katrina, at all. How dare he, unless he has no clue of what he failed to do, for so many, with blithe impunity. One could explain it to him, but it wouldn’t sink in. People like him don’t see the rest of us, except in black and white, and grey, as in old films. Something long ago and far away. Something unreal. Not someones, at all. Not people, not real. You can feel it, can’t you. For my part, I can too. Ever will it be, I’m afraid, with the likes of him. So, remember that feeling, my friend, with an election coming up. Choose well.
~ Tim Burchfield



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