• begin to see •

• begin to see •
“Husband thought we could get along with all, but the baby – he did not see how we could take that. But I felt that if I must take any, I wanted her, as a charm, to bind the rest to me.”
The Whitmans sent word back to the wagon train that they would take all seven (orphans, who’s parents had died on their way West).
A few days later, after six months, and two-thousand miles, Henry and Naomi Sager’s children finally reached their new home in Oregon.
Narcissa Whitman came out to meet them for the first time: “She was a large, well-formed woman, fair complexioned, with beautiful auburn hair – nose rather large, and large, grey eyes. She had on a dark, calico dress, and a gingham sun bonnet. We thought, as we shyly looked at her – that she was the prettiest woman we had ever seen.”
~ excerpt, Ken Burns: The West
(Thanks, to you, I think, primarily,
I begin to see the lives of “living people”, in the past,
here and there,
in “history”.
Given our mortality,
this has come to mean a lot to me.
Thanks again.
Just to keep the loneliness at bay –
and to inform, and to revive –
it has helped,
and continues,
so, to do,
day by day,
[For Sarah Vowell]
~ Tim Burchfield



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