•push me pull you•

• push me pull you •
I find myself rather taciturn,
These days
I’ve grown accustomed
To long silences
And prefer to be ignored
And left, alone
To sit

With my thoughts,
a bit

Rather than be catered to.

And speaking, generally
These days, I generally speak,
Only when spoken to.

I suffer too much,
Un-man-ily, if you will –
of wary exhaustion,
having to keep
the ball in the air:
Too much the fan
Of gravity, me
I guess.

It’s not that I’m antisocial
Or anything remotely
Like that – it’s just that
The older I get
The more vulnerable
To regret –
Which is bullshit
I feel.

With clarity
with certainty
I can say, that
I don’t care too much
For too much
~ Tim Burchfield



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