• old farts who’ve been around •

• old farts who’ve been around•
The heater man came today, to look at the ancient gas furnace down in the basement which goes ‘click-click’, when I turn up the thermostat, but won’t run – same as last year, where I had some guy with the moniker, “Mr. Comfort” (as if) on his business card, rack up over $750.00 in “guess and replace” attempts, “seeing as you can’t get parts for that old dinosaur, anymore.”
One hour later, and four hundred flat (parts and all), the new heater man has got it running like new. He just replaced the old valve with the “fluttering” pressure switch, with a new valve that has no pressure switch, at all. What about the pressure switch? “Doesn’t need one.”
“Like the Walkman, huh?” I say.
“Just leave out the unnecessary drivers, speakers, and so forth. So, seriously, how did you know how to fix it, so quick, like that.”
“I’ve seen it before, with old units like that. It’s not in any manual, it’s just something, with experience, you figure out.”
I get what he means so thoroughly, I want to give him a hug, but don’t. I hand him a check, instead.
“Well, if you ever need help with your ailing 510 Datsun station wagon, I’m your man.” I said.
We shook hands, and grinned: the grins of old farts who’ve been around.
~ Tim Burchfield



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