• happy birthday sv •

• happy birthday sv •
I love you SV
but don’t let’s get personal
shall we? Instead,
I think I can say
I adore your humor and humanity
and to be honest
your honesty
and what seems to me
to be
an essential sense of compassion and of integrity.
I think it’s fair to say
I love your words
and the ideas you have
like you like
the eyebrows of PG
(from The O.C).
I love the way you tumble them together into stories
with delicious digressions –
the way they make me
laugh out loud or want to cry
or just go “huh!! go figure…”
It must kinda suck to have been born
two days after major gifting day
when everybody is tapped out
but oh well, I guess:
tuff titty as they say.
((Here’s an extra set of parenthesis
or two you’ll never use for anything
kinda like a dead bird left at your doorstep
from the neighbor’s cat
and you asking
“why does he keep doing that?
…dis – gust – ing!!”)
To me, you make the world a much more interesting place to be
kinda like
that nice lady
on Gunsmoke –
Miss Kitty –
(Gunsmoke’s 635 episodes
versus Law & Order’s 456;
the two, with 20 seasons,
are tied
but you probably know that already.))
and like that lady
I see you as good
and fine and kind
and so
if it’s OK
this is me, TB
wishing you, SV
– a wonderful
~ Tim Burchfield



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