• anything before quite like it •

• anything before quite like it •
Yesterday, walking the puppies,
Across the way,
Lying flat on their backs,
Making “leaf-angels” in the lawn,
big and little brothers:
and, then
raking around with her hand,
making the most of red and amber “crunchies” –
little sister, sitting up,
having never felt –
anything like – <>
– in an exultant gesture,
of unpracticed astonishment,
she –
raking handfuls of these,
to her little face, these
leafy past glories,
registers first recognition:
to me, sweet remembrance,
of Autumn’s Grace:
fully formed, recalling it, now,
it comes to me,
fully formed,
these color coronas,
humus-fresh, once-high,
now, brought-low,
sweet and sour,
sweet and sourly,
the smells!!
Those little, soft fingers, and softer hands, ecstatically,
never have known, happily, or otherwise,
quite like it
~ Tim Burchfield



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